I have suffered from cellulite since my mid-twenties. I was so ashamed of my legs I would never wear shorts in public and going to the beach was a big embarrassment. I have tried other treatments to help smooth and contour my thighs but I have never had the fantastic results as I have with the Endymed at Smooth Assurance. I started noticing a difference after 4-5 treatments that my thighs were becoming smoother and tighter. Now that I have completed a package of 10 treatments on the back of my thighs I am confident to wear shorts in public. I am totally pleased with the results and as time goes by, I am noticing more improvement. This is the most efficient treatment I have tried and am amazed with the long lasting results.

Debbie P, Kingwood

Being raised in the sun and with getting older, my face was covered with sun damage and as I started to approach my mid 40’s, a lot of pigmentation started to appear on face. I tried numerous products and procedures trying to get rid of the dark spots on my face, from prescription bleaching creams, IPL facials, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Although with some of the procedures, the pigmentation appeared to get lighter, nothing actually got rid of the pigmentation completely. I tried Skin Rejuvenation at Smooth Assurance and have been so pleased with the results. Not only has this treatment completely removed my dark spots on my face, my pores are smaller and my face is smoother. It has even helped with fine lines. I love my complexion now thanks to Betty at Smooth Assurance.

MK, Houston

I am 37 years old and have battled lines and wrinkles from an early age. Let’s just say it’s all my mom’s fault….hereditary/genes. I have received Botox and Juvederm from various doctors and dermatologists. My friend and I received one of the Smooth Assurance flyers in the mail and thought we would try going there. Nurse Betty was so nice and very professional. She listened to my concerns and discussed different options available. I explained to her that other than my best friend, no one knew I had ever done Botox or Juvederm before and I wanted to keep it that way. I wanted help to erase my lines and wrinkles, but wanted to remain completely natural looking. That day, I received Botox in my forehead and around my eyes. I also had one syringe of Juvederm used on my smile lines and the little left in the syringe injected into my top lip. The results were AMAZING! Nurse Betty’s Botox job is the best I have ever had…especially around my eyes! I was just as pleased with my Juvederm and now I have a top lip to apply lipstick to. My skin looks so great and much smoother. I feel like it took years off and it has made me feel so much better about myself. The best part though is no one noticed…not my husband or even my mother! I will never take the route of plastic surgery, but Botox and Juvederm are just perfect when administered well. I don’t mind growing old; I just would like to do it gracefully. I am so glad my friend and I stopped in Smooth Assurance that day and I am so impressed with how long my results have lasted. Thanks, Betty

Anonymous Patient ? very pleased! Atascocita

Six months ago, I was at the lowest point of my life. It was my Junior year of high school and every morning I would wake up extremely sad and depressed. I felt completely hopeless. My acne had become unrealistically bad and I had dark red scarring covering my face. Every day it was hard not to come to tears when thinking about my appearance and the life I was living. One morning before school I looked in the mirror and immediately broke into tears feeling as though nothing could be done. Before school that morning me and my dad said a quick prayer together, asking if we could somehow… someway find a solution and finally get my life back to normal and being happy again. The very next day we came across Smooth Assurance Laser and Skin Care. We took a look and decided to give it a try. Now, over the past six months, through skin rejuvenation and fractional resurfacing, I have seen a drastic improvement (Night and Day)! They have changed my life forever and I will be forever grateful and never forget them. Not only have they cleared my face, but they have shown so much kindness and compassion and really shown how much they care about their patients. I am so grateful for Smooth Assurance. I thank God for Smooth Assurance!

R. H. Kingwood

Upon seeking a local, affordable option for laser hair removal, I was extremely pleased to find Smooth Assurance Laser and Skin Care. With professional staff, I look forward to appointments and exploring their many services. Smooth Assurance is definitely a skin care specialist I would recommend to family and friends!

Angela, Kingwood

I have tried several different methods of hair removal products… Nair/Veet, waxing, and shaving. The Nair/Veet did work in the beginning, but the smell was awful and after a while not only was it less effective, but it had to be done every 3 weeks and started to irritate my skin. Waxing….OUCH!!! Need I say more! NEVER AGAIN!!! Shaving was effective, but obviously had to do it all the time and sometimes did experience razor burn. Also, the shaving was very time consuming. I am a 38 year old man and did not have back hair until my mid-twenties. The hair did not bother my wife, but I can’t stand it. I would not take my shirt off at the pool, beach, and to be honest ever! Even if my wife shaved my back, you could still see the dark hair follicles and I was very self-conscious. My wife heard about Smooth Assurance from a friend. At Smooth Assurance, Betty does various skin and laser hair procedures. I had my first treatment and could not believe the difference… even after one treatment! I am about to receive my six and final treatment. I am hair free! It is the best thing I ever did! We recently put in a pool at our house and also have taken quite a few summer trips (all requiring water and bathing suits) ?. It has been the best summer ever! It has even changed my self-esteem. I am always shirtless now and not having to worry about my back/shoulder hair is so nice. My back is so smooth and even the dark hair follicles are gone. My only concern now is making sure my wife applies plenty of sunscreen to my back. If you have ever considered laser hair removal, stop considering and do it! I have been so pleased and my only regret is not doing it sooner. Thank you to Smooth Assurance and Betty!

James Weber, Kingwood

I have been so pleased with the laser hair services I have received with Betty Rogers at Smooth Assurance. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. Thankfully, I don’t have to travel to downtown or the Galleria to get quality hair removal. Smooth Assurance also has top notch Botox priced very reasonable and Betty does an excellent job administering it. She takes her time and I feel truly cares about her customers.

C. Rhodes, Kingwood